Monday, September 14, 2009


Today I found out Jesus Christ, otherwise known as @imthesongofgod is now following me on twitter.

I was surprised, because even though I'm a spiritual person...I don't consider myself all that religious.

Could this be a hoax? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm a little freaked because "He" is only following 19 people right now. Random folks from all over: Canada, Florida, etc...

Perhaps Jesus loves the internet and realizes that we aren't seeing the signs he's giving us anymore and wants to actually put them into 140 character form?

So. My question to you is this. What do you think Jesus would tweet. (or WILL tweet, if it's really him?)

Some of the things I think he'd say are as follows:

"Stop talking about me. You say "Jesus" all of the time, then I think you need something, and really you're just being sarcastic."

"You have nothing to be afraid of...including me."

"Let go. By holding on to grudges and hard feelings, you are suffocating yourself and your creative potential."

"Yes, you can wear plaid and stripes. Go for it."

"You are full of awesome. Start acting like it."

"Saying you are Christian because you go to church is like saying you are a horse just because you are standing in a barn."

"I love everyone...everything. Even big bangs and scrunchies, stop judging."

"Just because another religion refers to a higher power by a different name, doesn't mean you need to persecute them. Love."

"Tag. You're it. I love you...pass it on."

What do you think he'd say? Ready...?


  1. I think he'd say
    "You're are beautiful, I made you, duh?"

  2. RE: the health care crisis: Why are you all being so selfish? Is that what you think I'd do??



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