Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, I hear you think I've lost it?

Living in my house of happiness and writing about a new outlook on life.

Now, hold on a second.

At what point in our existence did having a calm new attitude mean I need help?

Bring me a straight jacket, so be it.

Because words don't hurt me anymore, and the vindictive thoughts of others are not seeping into my brain and poisoning my soul. It's my choice to remain immune now.

I'm exercising free will. After coming to realize life is too short to waste on hating others or hating myself.

Negativity breeds worry, fear, anxiety, and conflict.

If it makes me "crazy" to have a desire to let go of that type of energy...fine with me.

Because torturing yourself over and over with those toxic feelings will bring fear to your future, anger to your present, and death to your dreams.

And, that...sounds like insanity to me. ;-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Mirror mirror on the wall...why don't you speak to me at all?

The words come out of my mouth, guiding others. Sometimes gently, other times with a dash of tough love and a stern tone.

But, reflective one...you stare back at me. Not a peep.



Unable...to answer.

Because you can't speak until I'm ready to listen. Only then will you truly be heard.

But I'm ready.

Guide me.

What's that?

Listen? To what? Don't toy or mock my questions.

Oh, your advice has fallen on deaf ears, you say? Who is it this time, gone astray?

My eyes open wider. Realization shimmering in my tears.

You're right. The reflection speaks of things the soul doesn't want to hear. At least not on the surface.

But now, I listen. To my own advice...coming from your lips, dear reflection. I had blinded myself and tricked my mind into thinking I didn't need it. Didn't need you. Your assistance.

I was wrong. Guide me.

I promise I'll listen this time.


Monday, July 20, 2009


The world is upside down...and it's hard to figure out which way is up.
Wait...is it the world that has turned on it's axis, or did you stumble and fall into a pool of confusion?




Now... look within and find your way. Because really, you weren't ever truly lost, were you? Your compass was inside of your soul, pointing in the right direction. Screaming at you "go straight...no, don't stop-just over this hill is your destiny---stop turning around."

You didn't hear it?

Wait, there it is. Listen.

You don't need me to map it out for you. Your heart knows the way. I'll be here when the trail isn't so clear...but I can't choose your path for you.

The world has been waiting...slowly turning, a lullaby of sorts. Opening doors you have closed, over and over again. This time-leave them open...so you don't have to work so hard to find the key to unlock them again.

Maybe you were lost. But, it's good to have you here now...and the tools are with you to find the way.

This is the crossroads.

Will you stick to only what you know-or will you take the leap and dive in? I know it's a big river to cross but if you work with the current, plan, and swim hard....you won't drown.

You are too strong for that.

Everyone sees it. But do you?

I believe one day I will say, "Once upon a time...I knew someone who wrote their own destiny, and you better believe this story ends with a happily ever after." Hopefully I will be talking about you.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You are a tiny little person.
With a big, deep, wise soul.

Today, complaints about working flooded the airwaves of my head.

But you...little one...you gave me perspective.

Facing death square in the face, your wish was to be at the place so many people speak of with disdain. To meet the ones I see everyday. The ones I take for granted...everyday.

Not anymore.

Thank you little man. Your wish, made me realize something so valuable...the lesson will stay in my heart, even after you leave this world.

The message...to always keep things in perspective, and value those around you. Life is too short to complain.

***I don't usually talk about who inspires my letters in my blog. But today is different. We had a visit at work from a little boy, who only has two weeks to live. His dying wish? To visit and tour the place I work at, everyday. That, my friends-is perspective. Thank you "Super Kyle" for being an inspiration.***

Monday, July 13, 2009


It's amazing what a little spark can create.

Think about it.

One spark...creates a forest fire.


So...if one spark of fire can create such a life changing situation, think about what one spark of your imagination can change in the world. Or one spark of healing, love, generosity.

Your "tiny" idea or gesture could lead to the moment that changes someone else's life. I know you changed mine.

Don't take that for granted. Holding back isn't doing anyone any good.

A catalyst, that's what you are. You just don't know it yet.

So go...


Saturday, July 11, 2009


You are a ray of sunshine.
Full of life, energy, and hope for the future.

By simply being near you, I can feel your spirit...the positive energy emanates.


Don't listen to them. The fools who think by using gossip, lies, and petty words they can break you down.

It won't happen. You are too strong for that, I see it.

Inspiration. It stems from your core. You are a creator and I can't wait to see you stun the world with your magic.

Cast a spell. A spell of sunshine. Never let them tell you, it's too bright.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I think...

...you should smile more.

It looks good on you.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


The characters are introduced in the play we call life. You strut from stage left, with confidence and that savvy smile.

But inside is a different story. I can see it. Your eyes are the dead giveaway.

Blinded by the spotlight, but searching for approval. Despite the roar of applause.

It's there, (the approval) ...why don't you see it? Look inside... all the validation you really need. YOU give yourself the feeling of importance. It doesn't need to come from awards, others or outside accolades. In the end, those things don't go with you...but your soul does.

I see it... your eyes shift. Untrusting. Putting up a front of good intentions. You don't follow through for yourself.

I'm not disappointed. I'm sad. Sad you undervalue yourself, and refuse to jump into the custom role the universe has created...just for you.

Others might take it the wrong way.

I know better.

It's an act.

You are playing a part.

But little do you know...when you do this, on your stage of thought and action-you morph from the hero/heroine of the play, into the Jester. For the patrons aren't able see through the costume you wear, to the true being inside. Even I can't, completely. But I know there is something more...I can feel it.

So, toss off your robes of camouflage. What is stopping you? Take the leading role, before the closing curtain falls and you are left holding a mask...and nobody knows the real you.

The time for "acting" the part has passed. Now, be yourself. I'm not talkin' surface pleasantries...I mean brave action-allowing the world to see your amazing soul and passion for life...no shame or embarrassment.

Intermission is over. Time for the shift in your storyline. :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

your story.

A friend today said, "Good morning. Today the story begins with "once upon a time" and ends...however you want it to."

Can you feel how powerful that statement is?

You write your own destiny. I wish you could see...believe in yourself, like I believe in you.

Remember, your tale doesn't have to be filed in the "drama" section...you don't have to be a "mystery" either. You have the power to make your life a fairy tale.

Because you are that amazing.


Nobody works as hard as I do.

If only people would give 100 percent.

I always get screwed.

It's all so unfair.

Maybe instead of using your time to complain, you should use it to be productive and lead by example. Nothing is getting done during the time you spent moping around and rambling about everyone else.

I see you. Rolling your eyes. Annoyed.

It doesn't look good on you.

Is it fear that keeps you paralyzed in your ways? Are you at a point where your "identity" is locked in to this sarcastic persona putting down everything?

Don't worry. If you decided to let it all go, be a positive influence...I'll bet ya nobody would complain. Or, are you afraid of the potential you might unlock by letting go of fear and allowing your drive and ambition to really show?

Am I talking to you?

Or myself?

Fifty percent of that answer, is up to you.


Ask yourself this...
is it the ECONOMY that is bad?

Or is it your attitude?

Did you complain any less when the dollar was worth more?

Be honest.

I once heard that people in one of the poorest countries in Africa were also ranked the "Happiest" in the world. So, tell THEM that the dollar going to crap is ruining your outlook on life. See how long it is before they laugh in your face.

Refuse to be sucked in by the cycle. Happiness has no price tag. You either are, or you aren't.

Negativity eats at the soul.

So, make up your mind to choose the path full of light. Or...sit there doing absolutely nothing to help the situation. It's up to you. Ya wanna be happy, or miserable?

out there?

I know you think you are "out there" when you say the things you do.

But the truth is...those words make more sense to me than the so called "normal" chatter I hear buzzing around me like static all day.

Hold on to your branch.

Out on the limb away from what we have been taught is the norm.

Hold on. Because soon you will have so much company...your branch will bend, touch the ground, and the new friends you've attracted with your enlightened thinking will stick by you and become the ground. Foundation. Yes....a new foundation, the rich soil of our thoughts nourishing the blooming flowers around us.

The fresh buds will speak of a new type of "normal"... the world changing around us.

It's happening.


Sometimes it hurts.

To watch.

How you sabotage your dreams.

Remember...excuses are worse than lies.

Allow yourself to truly live. You deserve better than what you are giving yourself.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

see it.

I saw you today.

Walking hand in hand with a beautiful child.

The little girl held a page from a coloring book in her hand, showing it to the sky as if to say, "Here ya go, God...a masterpiece for you to hang on your wall of clouds."
You looked at her, a frown made of concrete on your face. Rolling your eyes in a way that said, "Stupid kid. So naive. What do you know?"

What does she know?


Her heart is open to the joy around her.
A lesson in pure elation.

The child, is the teacher.

Learn from every opportunity.

But first, open your eyes to discover them...right in front of you.


Happiness, it seems...is like a magnet.
Do you feel it? When you are truly happy...you attract others of the same nature.
No wonder you are negative. Look at who you surround yourself with. If all you have time for is complaining with those pals of yours...you are robbing yourself of the moments of happiness. Wallow in negativity or bask in positive light. It's your choice, take responsibility. ;-)


My world has shifted.
Things are brighter. More vibrant.
I wanted to share this with you.
I've realized...happiness is never lost, it's just misplaced until you find it again.
Let's embark on this journey together.


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