Friday, April 30, 2010


It's painful to see you lying to yourself. Saying there is nothing left to do to make things better or right. You know these words are poison, don't you?

It's simple, really. Just believe in yourself the same way your friends and family believe in you, the same way I believe in you. If you have to fake it at first, so be it. But, one day what feels like fiction will turn to fact, your brain and heart will agree on three things.

You are worth it.

You make a difference.

You touch others.

One thought, one act, and one friendship at a time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Passionate intention.

It's a magical thing.

I see your love for what you do, and it makes me want to act, to help, to inspire.

Yet, lately the feeling has shifted...and now your egoic mind is working against the mission. How? Because I've heard you. Say, "I'll show 'em. I'll succeed, and then they'll eat their words."

True, sometimes disdain can be turned into fire to fuel passions inside. But, if you allow the anger to drive your desire to succeed, what is left when the person you wish to prove wrong doesn't notice?

Act. Because you feel compelled.

Push. Because passion drives you to.

And use love as the driving force. Because people can tell if your motives are pure, or tainted by resentment and revenge.

Intention attracts. Be careful, friend. Make sure you are being a magnet for what you truly want in your life.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Fear is running circles around you.
Tricking you into thinking this is all you are capable of. This is what you are destined to do, chained to this mundane situation you call life.

Ya know what? Forget being afraid. It doesn't accomplish anything.
For once, just once...I want to see love win this battle. Love of yourself, your strengths, your passions.

Are you truly living, or simply existing...think long and hard before you answer. It doesn't "have" to be this way. Change it. Overcome. Give yourself a life of love, fueled by a love of life.

C'mon friend...what are you waiting for? No, really. Stop reading and go for it. You owe yourself that much, at least.


Thursday, April 8, 2010


The temperature outside matches the new warmth my heart is feeling lately.

You did this, you know. With a few steps. Creating big shoes to fill, and challenging everyone to see if they fit. You reminded me what it's like to be truly passionate. With a few words, summoning a fire I forgot existed beneath the surface.

A blaze of brave thoughts. Not about love in the romantic sense. But, about how that beautiful four letter word can move others to take action.

An intense need to care.

About people. A cause. A mission.

To be in love, with life.

So, don't sit still just yet. Your trek isn't done. Keep walking the walk. Because talk is only that.

Do what you do best. Lead us. We're ready.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


You sit in the downpour, allowing the drops to dampen your spirit.

But, why? When the rain comes, do something.

Grab your umbrella of change, create a safe place for yourself.

If life wants to soak you to the bone, you have to allow it to do are resourceful enough to find shelter, so stop standing there.

Dry yourself off, and start fresh.

The drops are encouraging you to grow, not asking you to drown in martyrdom.

Learn from the storm, instead of cursing it. If you move quickly enough, you'll see the rainbow in the distance.



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