Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Language is an interesting thing. We learn new things by repeating them, over and over.

But, the dialect chosen isn't always that of spoken word. It's of feelings, compassion and care.

So today, forget about the phrases that leave your lips.

Let your heart do the talking.


Friday, September 2, 2011


Sitting in a field, I see a single flower. Refusing to die off. Fighting to bloom.

The petals reach to the sun and I'm blessed with a teacher of patience, peace, and happiness from the color emerging. Observing, amazed.

Those blooms and moments forever etched in my mind. Making me smile.

Wow, I'm lucky I knew such a feeling.

I only wish I could give this flower what it needs to survive. I begged the universe to give me the ability, and over and over I failed to tap into it. I knew it was the same bloom, but my ability to see the vivid color was gone. What's wrong with me?

I tried buckets of water, and my technicolor vision didn't get better. I let it be, and worse yet. My only hope is that if I let go of you dear flower, that the sun I've been blocking out during dark times will finally find you again. That the rain can finally nourish you, without my hands interfering. It's not easy to admit I can't do the job, it took a long time. I've failed.

Precious petals. I hope my tears haven't poisoned the soil from which you grow. You amaze me.

I'm so sorry.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's time to come back, face the facts. A dose of reality with a dash of honesty is the cure. You can pretend all you want, but you just hurt yourself. For we know the false security, is simple a facade.

So, open up, break down. Love. Hate. Scream. Laugh. Throw things. Hug things. Write things. Sing things. Feel. Now.

Just don't wait.

You have to live, today.

Or risk being numb, for good.

Monday, July 5, 2010


You held me down, and I fought you off. I thought I had won, that I was OK. Others had been through worse, right? I was one of the lucky ones.

But, the scars you left weren't physical at all. It was more than that. A suggestion that my appearance could attract such force.

Well, that's it. This ends now. I'm ready to heal. Face the fear.

Your strong hands have no power over me now, because I'm taking my life back. Even though I didn't realize until recently, I had ever lost it.

I'm safe. I'm safe. I'm safe.

I'll repeat the phrase until I truly believe it, knowing those who surround me now are right about the fact that I deserve a fulfilled life. For the outside to match the inside.

No more hiding behind these extra layers of security.

I will be free.

Friday, July 2, 2010


What you say reels me in. Every time. The kind eyes don't hurt, either. But in the end, it's your soul that makes me want to stay. All day, everyday...radiating love like tiny beams of sunshine, no matter what clouds are following me-lurking in the past.

I wish I would have had you there before, on those overcast nights. The pain we share now is merely a faint memory of what once was. But, witnessing this sunrise of ideas, passion, and love...makes everything warm and worth it.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know you have the spirit to fight this, the will to survive, and the heart to show everyone how it's done. You can't give up, I won't let you. Let's get healthy together. I love you more than you could ever know. The battle starts now. A quest for a new way of life, better than we ever imagined. Together, we will show the world our united strength.


ps. please include your own "ps" comment---this letter is for my grandpa bob, you can write the ps to him, or your own grandparent/friend/relative you are pulling for. Oh, and write where u r from if u can. Thank you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I am not an amazing person.
But I do believe one person is capable of amazing things.

I am not better than anyone.
But I do want to be better than I was yesterday.

I am not always nice, inspiring, or friendly.
But I do believe the more I try to be, the easier it gets.

I do not care more than others do.
But I do think accomplishing a little, sure beats wishing for a lot.

I refuse to concentrate on despair, how we ignore what we can't see.
But I know by standing up, my visibility will give a voice to those in the shadows.

I am not an army of millions with expensive gear and guns to fight.
But I am a soldier of service, with water...more powerful than weapons.

This battle is not over.


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