Sunday, January 31, 2010


You roar through life, shielding everyone from the evil monsters nipping at their heels. Pulling them out of harms way and wrapping them in your armor clad embrace. A hero for the hurting in a time when few care about anyone but themselves.

But, after battle...when the armor lies at your feet and you clean your wounds, your eyes shift down.

You look tired. Weary. As if you are about to give up. Everyone has cleared away, shown their gratitude, moved on. Or so you think. I know the battlefield feels empty, silent, lonely. But, it's just the stars whispering to the universe to give you rest, allow time to heal...time to remember who you are, beneath the tough shield. A kind, giving, intelligent, amazing person.

But, we are here. Marching. In the distance. We never left you...we only went for reinforcements. Now is the time to step up and take back what is yours. Love, inspiration, and life. The things you've given us, again and again.

The toughest battle is in the books, over. Don't stop now. It's nearly dawn, the sun will be here soon. You may be wounded, but you're still our champion. Allow us to carry you a few steps to your horse, so you can lead us once again, and teach us the ways of kindness, beauty and strength.

This is it. Your moment. Come back to us- ready yourself again for combat, but please fight for the one person you've been overlooking.


Because without you, we are simply a band of misfits and outcasts, living in chaos and despair...but at your hand, we are an army of soldiers with kind hearts and quick minds...standing behind a hero who can't be matched, and taught us everything we know.

One day we will tell the story of your legacy. How you slayed evil and changed our lives. But, we'd much rather have you here to tell it yourself.



Thursday, January 28, 2010


The miracle, of loss.
Yes, I said loss, not life.

You're hurting, and I can tell. Wounds are fresh and feelings are hurt. Grieving. I wish I could fix it, take it all away. The pain.

It's hard to see it now, but loss can hold a gift.

Without tragedy, or life-changing events...we would be emotionless robots. When one of us is hurting, we comfort each other. Band together. A united front. Learn what really matters in life.

But, when things are just "OK" we have no reason to speak, hug, or do more than just survive.

So, grieve, feel, hurt, and don't forget to squeeze back when I embrace you. After this dark day, things will be brighter and new...I'll remember how this felt, even if only to value the days that aren't like this one.

I love you.

Monday, January 25, 2010


You sacrifice.
Work long hours.
Give up on your dreams.
For others.

Or so you tell yourself.

But, in the point the finger at those you say held you back. Even though they never had a choice in the matter.

So, stop it. You are nothing but a martyr...for yourself. A sacrificial lamb, to prove you are "the most caring person." Be careful, pent up wishes and dreams may be poisoning you slowly, toxic with resentment.

Don't you realize? You are most use to the people around you, when you are happy.
Include yourself among those you are willing to risk everything for. That, is how you can give back to them.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


We may be parting ways, but our hearts will always keep a piece of each other. Tucked away in our soul's pockets.

For, you can change the label of the relationship...but you can't change the feeling. You don't need to write, call, or even wave.
What we have cannot be put into words or a short, courteous greeting.

But, I'm not sad. You helped me realize who I really am.

And now I'm be who I've wanted to be.



Monday, January 18, 2010


You say what I do is great, amazing, inspiring, and even allow the word heroic to leave your lips. But, you are wrong.

My actions aren't nice...they're necessary.

You say you can't give. You can't afford it. But can your conscious afford not to?

Take away everything you own, and you will be bankrupt. But, you will still be better off than the survivors in the 'quake. Go for a day without food, how much would you spend? Every little bit helps. It's the least we can do.

Spread love. Human beings dying on the streets...your happy hour and new gadget can wait.

I know you. The generosity in your heart. I can see it in your eyes.

Look, please. Down here. I'm on my knees, begging.


For Haiti, and for the health of your heart. <3

Friday, January 15, 2010


I told you...don't lose hope in humanity. People want to help you. They are there, just confused.

You are a match. You spark their memory. So they remember they're capable of change. Capable of pushing others to be better. Capable of starting something big.

I don't care if it's been raining all day. It's still possible to start a fire when the drops have subsided. It may be slow going at first. A little smoke, a signal to other sparks that you are rubbing your hands together, gearing up for the big event.

Then, crack! The flames begin. Your doing. You...all by yourself. You've lit a flame so powerful, it could bring the entire forest to it's knees in a matter of minutes.

Don't take the power lightly. It's fuel, inside you, waiting to be used. Nectar for the orange, red, and blue flames dancing around and thankful to be free to spark other, smaller fires of the future.

I see the smoke. Your smoke. Will you light the fire this time?

Let's turn the world red with good.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happiness has sought you out.

Stop closing your eyes.

It waves a bliss filled hand in front of your stare straight ahead, not a blink.

Why? Everyone else believes in you. And no matter how hard we try to tell you it's well deserved, the blindness to the joy in front of you won't go away until you believe, as we do.

You've taken chances on us. Been our rock of reassurance along the way.

Now, take a chance on yourself.

Before your eyes are glued shut for good.


Monday, January 11, 2010


Some days the words are louder than others. Swarming in your head, a tornado of thoughts refusing to stop. You listen to them, and second guess yourself. Over and over, until you are at wits end.

Trying to catch your breath.
Gasping for air.

"Be quiet! All I want is silence!" You scream to yourself.

Don't worry, it's there. The peace you think is so far away is just waiting for you to find it. Just like an animal blending in with it's surroundings, unmoving. Waiting to be discovered, standing there, observing you.

And when you find that creature of solitude, it's head will snap up with surprise. Stunned, because for the longest time, it watched-observing from a camouflage of quiet, concealed beneath the frantic phrases you thought of constantly.

But, now you've found it. And every time you look, it will be easier to spot. The first discovery is the most difficult.

So, breathe...and keep your eyes peeled. Silence speaks to you, and wants to help, but all too often you are so busy you forget to look. Seek it out, and it will sing you to a song of stillness and relief.

Beautiful, noiseless lyrics, nobody can ever take away.

Friday, January 8, 2010


The trip is uphill.

You will sweat.
You will cry.
You will feel your muscles burning, legs shaking.

But don't forget to look around on the way. See the flowers waving at you with encouragement. The trees telling you to push on. Birds leading the way.

Signs, everywhere. Open your eyes.

And once you reach the top, the feeling will be impossible to explain. Your mouth will open and your lips will be speechless. Your tired body will feel weightless.

Push on. It will be worth it.

I promise.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The garden of prosperity is dead. He killed it. She killed it. Everyone else...they took it away from me.

Ya know what? An not a free pass. It's a lie, to yourself.

You sit, and justify everything going wrong in your life. What about everything going right?

Once you pass the buck or blame someone else for the way you feel, act, or speak-they have power over you. It is only when you take responsibility for what is going right or wrong, that you can enjoy it-or change it, depending on what the situation is. Those feelings are then truly yours.

So, c'mon friend...stop blaming your neighbor for the flowers dying in your yard. Instead, water your ideas and watch them bloom. Don't blame the seed for not being a rose, instead...nourish it, take responsibility-turn it into what you want it to become.

Take charge. Take care. Give hope. To yourself.

Only then, can you provide hope to others.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I want you to know how much I've missed you.

Your laugh, smile, and ability to bring me back to the present moment.
Your way of turning my temper into tears of happiness and how you transform tense shoulders into a giggling shrug.

I'll find a way, to stay closer. To pencil you in for more hugs and place you on a smile schedule. Because people are more important than papers, deadlines and dates.

You, are more important...than anything else.


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