Friday, December 11, 2009


My friend Iain is one of the best guys around. He's given me personal, and professional advice...and never once said "no" to a favor.
He inspires me to write what I feel on this blog, and on a creative level the way he thinks has pushed me to push myself at my job.
He has changed my life for the better. This is why I ask you, please read this letter from him. There isn't a more deserving person in the universe.
Lief (Afrikaans for "love" -again, a lesson from Iain)

pls read, then vote:
The Open Letter



  1. I just posted a very similar plea on my tumblog after reading his letter.
    We'll beat this and keep it going!
    <3 Jennifer

  2. There isn't anything to beat, really...except those other ppl in the running 4 best blogger. ;-) Iain's words will always live on, whether the blog continues or not. He knows I support his decision to step down if that's what makes him happy. What a great friend.
    Thx 4 ur support. He deserves this award.



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