Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Fear is running circles around you.
Tricking you into thinking this is all you are capable of. This is what you are destined to do, chained to this mundane situation you call life.

Ya know what? Forget being afraid. It doesn't accomplish anything.
For once, just once...I want to see love win this battle. Love of yourself, your strengths, your passions.

Are you truly living, or simply existing...think long and hard before you answer. It doesn't "have" to be this way. Change it. Overcome. Give yourself a life of love, fueled by a love of life.

C'mon friend...what are you waiting for? No, really. Stop reading and go for it. You owe yourself that much, at least.



  1. Fear holds us down just like reality does. People get lost in why's rather than why not's. People begin saying "I don't know how" vs. "I can figure out how." Excuses. In life you have to believe in what you are doing and chase it! Life is too short too short with no do overs and thankfully no owners manual. All we can do is live!

    Great post!


  2. I love this question: Are you truly living, or simply existing?

    What I think is true for most people - including me - is that we WAIT for everything. We think now is just not the time in my life to start the business I want to, take the trip I want to, mend a lost relationship, get married, find a new job, and so on. When, really, we shouldn't wait for anything because we never know how much time we have and by waiting for things we want we are only losing time that we could be devoting to that dream of ours.

    If we're waiting for what we want instead of taking the steps to attain it, we're simply existing - not living. If we wait too long, we'll never accomplish what we hope to and never truly live the way we should.

    Heart the post and your blog :)

  3. Simply exsisting.. but ready tostart living.. Great post

  4. Thank you for allevating some of my fear. I was in the middle of writing and used those exact words. <3 <3 to you.



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