Sunday, April 25, 2010


Passionate intention.

It's a magical thing.

I see your love for what you do, and it makes me want to act, to help, to inspire.

Yet, lately the feeling has shifted...and now your egoic mind is working against the mission. How? Because I've heard you. Say, "I'll show 'em. I'll succeed, and then they'll eat their words."

True, sometimes disdain can be turned into fire to fuel passions inside. But, if you allow the anger to drive your desire to succeed, what is left when the person you wish to prove wrong doesn't notice?

Act. Because you feel compelled.

Push. Because passion drives you to.

And use love as the driving force. Because people can tell if your motives are pure, or tainted by resentment and revenge.

Intention attracts. Be careful, friend. Make sure you are being a magnet for what you truly want in your life.


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