Monday, January 11, 2010


Some days the words are louder than others. Swarming in your head, a tornado of thoughts refusing to stop. You listen to them, and second guess yourself. Over and over, until you are at wits end.

Trying to catch your breath.
Gasping for air.

"Be quiet! All I want is silence!" You scream to yourself.

Don't worry, it's there. The peace you think is so far away is just waiting for you to find it. Just like an animal blending in with it's surroundings, unmoving. Waiting to be discovered, standing there, observing you.

And when you find that creature of solitude, it's head will snap up with surprise. Stunned, because for the longest time, it watched-observing from a camouflage of quiet, concealed beneath the frantic phrases you thought of constantly.

But, now you've found it. And every time you look, it will be easier to spot. The first discovery is the most difficult.

So, breathe...and keep your eyes peeled. Silence speaks to you, and wants to help, but all too often you are so busy you forget to look. Seek it out, and it will sing you to a song of stillness and relief.

Beautiful, noiseless lyrics, nobody can ever take away.

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  1. So beautiful ... and so relevant to my journey at the moment. Thank you Erica!



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