Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The garden of prosperity is dead. He killed it. She killed it. Everyone else...they took it away from me.

Ya know what? An not a free pass. It's a lie, to yourself.

You sit, and justify everything going wrong in your life. What about everything going right?

Once you pass the buck or blame someone else for the way you feel, act, or speak-they have power over you. It is only when you take responsibility for what is going right or wrong, that you can enjoy it-or change it, depending on what the situation is. Those feelings are then truly yours.

So, c'mon friend...stop blaming your neighbor for the flowers dying in your yard. Instead, water your ideas and watch them bloom. Don't blame the seed for not being a rose, instead...nourish it, take responsibility-turn it into what you want it to become.

Take charge. Take care. Give hope. To yourself.

Only then, can you provide hope to others.



  1. I love your beautiful analogies with water and plants. Reminds of something I once read that said "planted hope. forgot to water it."
    And yes, I will start to accept responsibility. No more blame.

  2. i like this.

    growing up is sort of a late thing anymore in our generation.



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