Sunday, January 31, 2010


You roar through life, shielding everyone from the evil monsters nipping at their heels. Pulling them out of harms way and wrapping them in your armor clad embrace. A hero for the hurting in a time when few care about anyone but themselves.

But, after battle...when the armor lies at your feet and you clean your wounds, your eyes shift down.

You look tired. Weary. As if you are about to give up. Everyone has cleared away, shown their gratitude, moved on. Or so you think. I know the battlefield feels empty, silent, lonely. But, it's just the stars whispering to the universe to give you rest, allow time to heal...time to remember who you are, beneath the tough shield. A kind, giving, intelligent, amazing person.

But, we are here. Marching. In the distance. We never left you...we only went for reinforcements. Now is the time to step up and take back what is yours. Love, inspiration, and life. The things you've given us, again and again.

The toughest battle is in the books, over. Don't stop now. It's nearly dawn, the sun will be here soon. You may be wounded, but you're still our champion. Allow us to carry you a few steps to your horse, so you can lead us once again, and teach us the ways of kindness, beauty and strength.

This is it. Your moment. Come back to us- ready yourself again for combat, but please fight for the one person you've been overlooking.


Because without you, we are simply a band of misfits and outcasts, living in chaos and despair...but at your hand, we are an army of soldiers with kind hearts and quick minds...standing behind a hero who can't be matched, and taught us everything we know.

One day we will tell the story of your legacy. How you slayed evil and changed our lives. But, we'd much rather have you here to tell it yourself.




  1. You are wonderful, and my hero.

  2. Simply beautiful! And sooooo timely for me today, thanks!

  3. bless you and thank you for that lovely gift!

  4. Truly inspirational and I can only hope that everyone gets a chance to see this.

  5. "the toughest battle is in the books, over."
    AGH!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

  6. wow...thx for the amazing response, everyone. march on.



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