Thursday, May 20, 2010


Did you know it's your birthday?
No, really-I'm not joking.

You don't need presents, chocolates, jewelry, and stacks of cards you'll throw away. You need people, connections, air, water...and those are things that show up as gifts to you each morning.

Give yourself more than one day a year to be happy.

Stop waiting for the candles on your cake to light your way, instead, be the spark creating a glow in others.

Happy birthday to you. Because that's exactly what it is...the birth of a new day.

Leave the grudges, regrets, and faded wrapping paper behind.

There is no gift that can compare to living in the present. And by living, I mean truly living. Not just existing.

It's your big day.

Now, make a wish...and turn it into reality.


  1. You are my gift.


  2. love this.... each new day really is a gift because there are those that didn't get to see this day... thanks for the reminder.

  3. Be grateful - for sure it's so easy to get drawn into the minutiae of life when what we have is so precious.



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