Friday, May 7, 2010


I read what you wrote the other day, it gave me something to think about.

"I can't afford this.
I would do that, if I had money.
I can't make enough doing what I love."

Money? Maybe not. But, at least you'll be truly wealthy. By paying yourself in passion, you reap the rewards of a gratifying existence.

I can see the purpose cash is serving. Buying things causing resentment over the daily grind. That's no way to live. With a twinge of anger in your heart, constantly. It's not worth it.

Because, in the end...we don't take money with us. But, we can leave love as a gift to those still here.

Give me penniless over passionless, any day.

Good luck friend, be rich.


  1. love this.... passion is so much better... zest for life... love for people and experiences... great advice:)

  2. wow, well said!

    thank you for being so brutally honest. its good to know that there are people that value emotions and feelings above money.



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