Monday, May 31, 2010


You talk about the past constantly. Wallowing in the quicksand of "what ifs."

When you tire of looking over your shoulder, you spend the rest of the day panicked with talk of tomorrow. The fog of anxiety making it impossible to think rationally.

Well, you forgot about something.

Right now.

If you continue the worry, anticipation, and regret...your mind won't have time for this moment. The magical chance to do something, to make a difference. It'll be so clouded you won't be able to see the opportunities standing right in front of you.

Stop complaining about the past. Stop worrying about the future. Open your eyes. It's killing me to see the suffering you put yourself through, by re-living torturous moments beyond your control.

The good news is this: happiness is here.




  1. you are seriously speaking out loud every thought in my head.

    Today I didn't worry about those things, and had a very good day.

    But will tomorrow be the same?

    I worry again.

  2. However, it sure is hard to do that. Because no matter what, we still worry.

    No matter what we say to ourselves, we still stress over the past and the future.

    We may not worry for it for sometime, but we will always go back to worrying.

  3. The more we practice the act of staying in the moment, the easier it gets to be here, now. If you tell yourself things will always go back to "normal", that is what happens. Who's to say the reality of worry we talk about isn't just an illusion we, as a human race have created-and that a life without worry is actual the truth we are meant to experience?
    Just something to think about :-) Thanks so much for reading, I love your feedback. Be well. <3

  4. Inspiring comments Erica. The more we can accept what is and move the better off we'll all be. Cheers.



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