Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm happy to say this is a true story.

Tonight I was walking back from dinner break with a co-worker, when we spotted a man dancing down the street. In the middle of downtown, mind you.

My first thought was, "Ahhhhh yes, another homeless person. On drugs."

Then, I took time to really look.

The man was dancing to the beat of his ipod. An interpretive dance. Twirling around. With a huge grin on his face. Was he trained? No. This was obvious. But, what he was doing was no less beautiful than the perfect lines of a trained ballerina.

We passed him.

I looked around.

People were staring. With a variety of reactions. Some smiled. Others pointed in laughter, their eyes clouded by something....fear. They may mask it as sarcasm or poking fun, but really it's just fear of happiness. They are intimidated by the bravado of this man. Envy glistens behind their eyes. Wishing they could join him, but instead...mocking.

We walk on.

There are more of them! Dancing individuals. Of different ages, sizes, abilities.

I think to myself, "Hmm....must be some kind of acting class."

We pause, looking to unravel the mystery, stopping a female dancer in street clothes. This woman is actually sporting an old fashioned walkman. She is young, probably mid twenties. But has wisdom and joy written all over her face.

My co-worker says with a smile, "Hello. We were just wondering what this is all about?"

The woman just nods. Taking her headphones off, never stopping her movements.

Again my companion says, "No, is this just for fun? Why all the dancing?"

Smiling, the dancer puts her headphones back on and starts to backpedal away...a graceful action. With a glint in her eye she says,

"Do you feel it too?"

We are left stunned. But smiling.

So, I guess that's the you feel it?

Then, dance.



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