Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the weight.

The weight of your words have remained with me this entire time.

I thought I had let them go, gotten past it all...

I was wrong.

Well ya know what? Forget it. You don't own my mind. The same way your hurtful phrases don't own my self worth.

Tonight I set myself free. Start dictating my own future. This time it's not failures surfacing...but accomplishments and goals ready to be conquered. Lifting me up, by their strings of hope and tides of reassurance.

For this burden has lived on my shoulders long enough. This time I shrug, the words fall onto the ground, one by one. Shattering as they hit the pavement. Now I run, but not away from the harsh reality you painted....but rather toward the blissful existence I know is possible.


No way.

This is paradise. I created it. Even if it is an island in a sea of hatred and negativity.

So, sit out there...surrounded by hateful thoughts, the sharks swirling around you. Because I am here, safe on my island. Comfortable with myself, the present, and the person I've become.


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