Thursday, October 22, 2009


My eyes mist over and I realize the droplets of dew will come, either way. Fight them, or force's no longer my choice.

The downpour drowning my cheeks.

Finally, I let go.

But, am I saying farewell to the real you? Or just a facade you gave me to get what you want?

Either way.

I hope after you are washed downstream, flipping through the current, you will come to rest along the shore without injury.

Breathing in air as if it's the first time you've really noticed it. Eyes opening to see the world for what it really is. A place where flowers and fawns don't owe you any favors...but will allow you a whiff of happiness if you offer protection and kindness.

So, maybe we'll meet again...when you've shed this skin you've trapped yourself in. The one keeping you underwater. I'll look for you, always. Please wave when you see's hard to see through clouded eyes.


  1. Beautifully written - as always
    Goes right to the core

  2. How will you know whether the trap is shed,
    if you never talk to me anymore? You pass off what we had as fake. It was real. As real as life, as real as this air, as real as this moment. And maybe this really is goodbye. But I never wanted it to be.

  3. @Possum
    Thank you, friend. :-)

    @vox caecus
    I love that you make these your own. Bravo.

  4. wow, this..I have no words. I can relate to this so much. ahh, I love your blog (sorry for all the comments..I'm just reading through all your entries)



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