Wednesday, October 7, 2009


...and in the end, you're right.
I'm choosing to live this way.

Initially swept up in madness, but then volunteering for it over and over again.

This has gone on long enough.

The water is rushing so hard now I feel as if my body is being pulled under in the current of hard feelings, ego driven grudges, and living in the past.

I twist the knob quickly, stopping the flow.


Wow, it was that easy.

My drama faucet, without the water rushing through it has no power over the sounds in my mind.

All I hear now, is beautiful silence. And a drip....reminding me of the turmoil I choose not to re-visit.

I choose. You choose. And together, our outcome is peaceful, without judgement, argument, or conflict.

I like this new life. The water running over my thoughts was making me shiver anyway.

Now I'm warm and dry.

On the beach of beautiful silence.


  1. What good is the silence without motion?
    You can't just turn off your heart. You will become a lifeless machine.

    I say, keep your faucet running as much as it would like to. Just filter the water. Make it flow silently, cleanly.

  2. :-)
    Great point.
    When I referenced the faucet, personally I was talking about shutting off the part of my mind creating drama, not my heart. Never the heart, dear friend.
    By allowing the mind to take over, sometimes it talks us into seeing things that aren't there, or don't need to be. (such as added conflict)

    <3 the filter reference. Good call.

  3. What about you and the other person together?

  4. Aha!! Best I replace the filter!!

  5. Anonymous...that is the thing, it seems whenever drama arises it's not necessarily from the other person in life. It's from the mind taking events personally, even when it's just event, or word, or thought.

    My relationship with the other person may change, you never know. But, for now I find peace in a realization that no matter what they do...I have the power over how my mind/self interprets those actions. :-) Instead of allowing my mind to have power over me.

    Thanks for reading :-)

  6. hmm i really like this analogy. I think I can relate to what your saying... sometimes the mind/heart sees what it wants to and we need to make the decision to override it with reality. This one hits close to home with me

  7. All of you are awesome. :-)
    I love the slightly different interpretations, thank you for taking the words and making them your own.

  8. People should never confuse enlightenment with a lack of emotion. It is however a lack of unconscious emotion now leaving room for truth, joy, and love. :) High five Zensis!

  9. High Five to you, Zen brother. Thanks for your wonderful guidance along the way.



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