Thursday, October 15, 2009


Don't let it end.
This day.

And poof. It did.

But the feeling remains. This warm glow within, causing me and you to puke rainbows and dance with the butterflies and hummingbirds.

It stays because time doesn't even exist in this fairytale land. Here, a handful of us are dodging the darkness emitted from those sad, angry people who call themselves friends.

Maybe they believe they are showing love. Even when they spit fire. We don't hear their vengeful words directly, but the warmth of the flames licks our backs...and we know.

Our wings protect us. Lift us up, over this land of hills and treacherous trenches. Smooth flying, untouchable.

For we've found this mecca on our own...and nothing anyone can say, will ever take it away from us. Here in our hearts. We know...we must stay and protect, or risk losing it all.


  1. like. and now I have inspiration for another post!
    nice background by the way!

  2. Thanks :-)
    Yeah...still experimenting with backgrounds/tone/style for the blog, doesn't feel quite like the right fit...but getting there.
    Happy inspiration!



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