Friday, October 9, 2009


Today, believe you can do it.
I'm sick of seeing you defeat yourself before you even get started. is the task.
Write your life as if it's a bestselling novel, and the rights are already sold to the publisher. No turning back, no second guessing. Just pages of power, all in your hands. Flowing out of your pen, effortlessly. For when you analyze, re-think, over think, and dismiss the ideas before you even get them in's like burning a perfectly good story before anyone even gets the chance to read it.
What a shame. Someone needs those need those words.
Trust yourself.
Go for it.
Be heard.


  1. Dear writter,
    your advices are not vain.
    Are you ok?
    Deep Love from my heart.
    your very lucky, you must love this person very much...?

    Why don't you tell her the truth simply? Love takes courage.
    if you love her she must love you too..

  2. Dear Anonymous-
    I am lucky, as are you. Life is wonderful.
    -Erica <3

  3. Where does one learn to write?
    I have writers block when it comes to characterizing the main character. And without a solid main character, what good is the plot?
    Or maybe it's the plot that causes character development?

  4. I'm guessing u r speaking in metaphor like my entry? ;-)
    There is nothing to learn. It is all within' you already. Allow it to happen. Trust yourself.




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