Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I can see your tiny body, standing steadfast and strong. Like a flower fighting against the wind to stay upright.

Just remember sometimes it's OK. To be afraid of that powerful breeze. The other meadow residents won't blame you for allowing your stem to sway.

The buds and blooms around you have been a witness to your resilience before. This may be the first time the pests have attacked your core, but not the first fight you've led against something unfamiliar.

So, little flower...please listen. Realize, YOU are more than just your hardships and hurdles, more than the insects that take your strength. You are a beautiful bud, ready to open. As if to say, "Damn you wind, pests, and fury of nature...I will battle to bloom, and you can't stand in my way."

stay strong, friend.
-e <3


  1. this is brilliant as always, you make me want to better myself.




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