Saturday, February 27, 2010


And we watch it all unfold from afar. The cries, devastation, and tragedy. It's like a horror movie, with characters as real as you and me. A mother grieving for a lost child, father searching for his wife, friends hoping to find their missing pets...the innocent animals who complete them.

And we forget that the actions we take half a world away, are not helping. Our complaining about coverage and rants about destruction, aid not one person.

We say we wish would could help, yet we sit in front of our TV's with lunch on our lap...turning the images off once we feel uncomfortable. We have food, electricity, and love...and the means to give these things back to the people we watch for entertainment. And forget, that giving up our dinner for a few days...could make all of the difference.

But, in the end if you don't want to talk about money or need, then at least talk about charity from your soul. Fill your heart with compassion, reach out, and let the survivors know you care about them, not about the "stupid" things media do, or what government isn't.

After all, the quakes, shakes and giant waves of fear are here to do one thing. To remind us to love each other.



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