Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Nobody works as hard as I do.

If only people would give 100 percent.

I always get screwed.

It's all so unfair.

Maybe instead of using your time to complain, you should use it to be productive and lead by example. Nothing is getting done during the time you spent moping around and rambling about everyone else.

I see you. Rolling your eyes. Annoyed.

It doesn't look good on you.

Is it fear that keeps you paralyzed in your ways? Are you at a point where your "identity" is locked in to this sarcastic persona putting down everything?

Don't worry. If you decided to let it all go, be a positive influence...I'll bet ya nobody would complain. Or, are you afraid of the potential you might unlock by letting go of fear and allowing your drive and ambition to really show?

Am I talking to you?

Or myself?

Fifty percent of that answer, is up to you.

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