Thursday, July 9, 2009


The characters are introduced in the play we call life. You strut from stage left, with confidence and that savvy smile.

But inside is a different story. I can see it. Your eyes are the dead giveaway.

Blinded by the spotlight, but searching for approval. Despite the roar of applause.

It's there, (the approval) ...why don't you see it? Look inside... all the validation you really need. YOU give yourself the feeling of importance. It doesn't need to come from awards, others or outside accolades. In the end, those things don't go with you...but your soul does.

I see it... your eyes shift. Untrusting. Putting up a front of good intentions. You don't follow through for yourself.

I'm not disappointed. I'm sad. Sad you undervalue yourself, and refuse to jump into the custom role the universe has created...just for you.

Others might take it the wrong way.

I know better.

It's an act.

You are playing a part.

But little do you know...when you do this, on your stage of thought and action-you morph from the hero/heroine of the play, into the Jester. For the patrons aren't able see through the costume you wear, to the true being inside. Even I can't, completely. But I know there is something more...I can feel it.

So, toss off your robes of camouflage. What is stopping you? Take the leading role, before the closing curtain falls and you are left holding a mask...and nobody knows the real you.

The time for "acting" the part has passed. Now, be yourself. I'm not talkin' surface pleasantries...I mean brave action-allowing the world to see your amazing soul and passion for shame or embarrassment.

Intermission is over. Time for the shift in your storyline. :-)

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  1. this this is it. you get it. thank you!



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