Monday, July 20, 2009


The world is upside down...and it's hard to figure out which way is up. it the world that has turned on it's axis, or did you stumble and fall into a pool of confusion?




Now... look within and find your way. Because really, you weren't ever truly lost, were you? Your compass was inside of your soul, pointing in the right direction. Screaming at you "go, don't stop-just over this hill is your destiny---stop turning around."

You didn't hear it?

Wait, there it is. Listen.

You don't need me to map it out for you. Your heart knows the way. I'll be here when the trail isn't so clear...but I can't choose your path for you.

The world has been waiting...slowly turning, a lullaby of sorts. Opening doors you have closed, over and over again. This time-leave them you don't have to work so hard to find the key to unlock them again.

Maybe you were lost. But, it's good to have you here now...and the tools are with you to find the way.

This is the crossroads.

Will you stick to only what you know-or will you take the leap and dive in? I know it's a big river to cross but if you work with the current, plan, and swim won't drown.

You are too strong for that.

Everyone sees it. But do you?

I believe one day I will say, "Once upon a time...I knew someone who wrote their own destiny, and you better believe this story ends with a happily ever after." Hopefully I will be talking about you.


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