Wednesday, July 8, 2009

out there?

I know you think you are "out there" when you say the things you do.

But the truth is...those words make more sense to me than the so called "normal" chatter I hear buzzing around me like static all day.

Hold on to your branch.

Out on the limb away from what we have been taught is the norm.

Hold on. Because soon you will have so much company...your branch will bend, touch the ground, and the new friends you've attracted with your enlightened thinking will stick by you and become the ground. Foundation. Yes....a new foundation, the rich soil of our thoughts nourishing the blooming flowers around us.

The fresh buds will speak of a new type of "normal"... the world changing around us.

It's happening.


  1. that's an amazing piece of writing! those were the kindest of words. :) I'll never stop the 'out there' way of thinking. thanks for joining me.

  2. not gonna lie. it's fun 'out here' w/ya, buddy. thanks for being a wonderful teacher and friend.



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