Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You are a tiny little person.
With a big, deep, wise soul.

Today, complaints about working flooded the airwaves of my head.

But you...little gave me perspective.

Facing death square in the face, your wish was to be at the place so many people speak of with disdain. To meet the ones I see everyday. The ones I take for granted...everyday.

Not anymore.

Thank you little man. Your wish, made me realize something so valuable...the lesson will stay in my heart, even after you leave this world.

The always keep things in perspective, and value those around you. Life is too short to complain.

***I don't usually talk about who inspires my letters in my blog. But today is different. We had a visit at work from a little boy, who only has two weeks to live. His dying wish? To visit and tour the place I work at, everyday. That, my friends-is perspective. Thank you "Super Kyle" for being an inspiration.***

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